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Hiatus? No. Boring Life? Heck Yes -

It's not that I'm being lazy, per se, but there has been no suitable material lately to make a comic, and believe me, I WANT TO. You guys have been clicking that +Fav button like it was your job, and for that I thank you all.

Flash is alot harder to used than I anticipated (did I shock any of you? If you answered yes, please leave), so most of my plans have been dashed. However, the "Jenga" flash mentioned previously will still be made... eventually... or not. I dunno.

The People section got a revamp, and is (still) being worked on. Megan is to henceforth be known as the Jolly Green Giant.

Zach and Megan are coming over for Thanksgiving, so theres a chance there'll be a comic for that holiday, too.

That is all.